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Education For Life 4.1

Give your child an amazing start with maths

Though primarily designed to serve as a help for kids learning their maths, Education for Life is a comprehensive free tool that will help them to learn facts about countries of the world or the Solar System, improve their spelling skills, or get familiar with geometrical shapes and the elements of the Periodic Table.

Also referred to as “Maths For All Levels”, this miscellaneous set of Science, Language, and mostly Mathematics tools will help kids and learners of all ages to improve their adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying skills. In the meantime, they can also learn more about the flag, the capital city, the population, the languages, and the currency of any country in the world, or take a look at the elements of the Periodic Table and practice their names.

This utility is a nice mixture of informative, testing, and miscellaneous tools. In the first category, we will find addition and times tables, the planets in the Solar System, the letters of the alphabet, the Roman numerals, information about how to multiply and divide fractions, or the above-mentioned “Flags Of The World” database or the Periodic Table. In the testing category, we will find a multiple-choice adding game; multiplication, addition, and subtraction tests, and a set of spelling tests that will help you improve your writing and your listening skills at the same time (a very useful tool for kids learning English as a foreign language). Among the so-called miscellaneous tools, we find a Timers window to set up countdowns going from one minute to four hours, and a tool to check your knowledge of Roman Numerals.

All of these different tools are reasonably well organized, though the minimalist design of the entire tool leaves ample room for improvement on this department. Some windows – each tool opens in a separate one – could benefit from either more extensive explanations within the window or a pop-up help page explaining what we are expected to do in that specific test. Having said that, this free app can be an excellent tool for kids and parents alike when it comes to give an extra push to the Maths skills of the former (and of some of the latter, too).

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Colorful pages with basic yet effective designs
  • Suitable for all
  • Nice combination of theoretical and practical learning
  • Includes a countdown timer and a unit conversion tool


  • Some sections would benefit from a help page
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